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Message NDJIN

SMK has developped Message NDJIN, an online service based on the Java OpenIM instant messaging server implementing the XMPP protocol (the same open protocole used by Google's own instant messenging solution, Google Talk).

OpenIM Java XMPP/Jabber ® Server is an open-source Java implementation (BSD License) of XMPP/Jabber Instant Messager, developed by SMK. The purpose of the OpenIM project is to produce a fast, simple, and highly efficient instant messager server with high modularisation codebase.

Key features

Stability: successfully used in production

Modularity: component oriented using Plexus container (integration with LDAP or DB can be easily done via users-manager and storage API)

Most of classical IM functions are supported: message, presence, roster, subscription, vCard, offine storage, oob (lan file transfer), browse and search.

Server to Server communications

Secure connections via SSL

Message logger and recorder (for statistic usage or supervision)