solutions pour le web


For 8 years, SMK has conceived technologies to develop and deploy hosted online applications. Ndjin applications cover a wide range of business needs and can all be reach through web services, hosted over the Internet (Cloud computing).

Ndjin unique line of technologies includes the following services :

Model NDJIN is an application platform dedicated to Cloud computing. Model NDJIN can run on a large number of Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) such as Amazon EC2. All aspects of Model NDJIN are run as web services so that Model NDJIN is 100 % platform independant and accessible over the Internet. Model NDJIN features a Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

CMS NDJIN is an online Web Content Management platform run as SaaS. CMS NDJIN is the heart of the SITEO solution for creating and managing individual or networks of web sites online.

Based on OpenIM, a java instant messaging server developed by SMK implementing the XMPP protocol (the same used by Google in its Google Talk instant messaging solution), Message NDJIN is a fully hosted solution providing off the shelf, ready to use enterprise IM run as SaaS.

Image NDJIN is a hosted service for online, on the fly, raster image generation. Image NDJIN is built around a vector based SVG engine and provides a poweful framework for generating bitmap images online.

Document NDJIN
Document NDJIN is a hosted service for online, on the fly, PDF document generation. Document NDJIN is built around a XSL/FO rendering engine and provides a powerful framework for PDF generation run as

Barcode NDJIN
Barcode NDJIN is an online web service dedicated to decoding bar codes on the fly (DataMatrix, Flashcode ...).