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SaaS Solutions 

Specialized in Internet Technologies since 2003, SMK has a unique expertise on software applications accessed through the Intenret (Software as a Service ou SaaS). Pionneering hosted content management solution for almost ten years, SMK can deliver today a wide range of hosted solutions (ASP : Application Service Provider) covering the needs of companies or organisations of all sizes.


Business Ndjin for Google Apps

SMK has developped an application engine aimed at deploying easily vertical applications or business processes within the Google Apps framework. With Google Apps, companies of all sizes can benefit from a coherent set of productivity and communication tools (email, calendar, productivity suite, document management and sharing, instant messaging, collaborative intranet ...) fitted to group work and incurring a very low cost of ownership due to its SaaS architecture. With Business Ndjin for Google Apps, you can easily add custom vertical business processes, run from the cloud, and deeply integrated with the Google Apps model, and sharing the same authentication model.

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SITEO : online web content management

Content management solution was the primary focus of the company when it was founded : SMK's technologies were conceived to help organisations manage easily their web project online, and especially let them keep a certain amount of control over its content while authorising expression of diversity. Siteo web site management solutions help smaller organisations gain control of their image online, and Siteo Multi Site Matrix provide additionnal tools to help decentralised organisations communication online at each level of its structure while keeping a unified message.

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Of course, those two sets of solutions and technologies can complement each other and can work side by side thanks to common API and integrated interfaces.